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Ahead of this weekend’s Remembrance across the world, the community of Holme Grange School held our annual Remembrance Service. Not only do we remember the fallen service men and women killed in conflict, but also, focus on the message of hope, and on what those who have fought and survived have to look forward to. In gentle sunshine, the brisk wind stirred the autumn leaves over the grass while the canvas sheeting flapped and metal drums crashed, lending a moving atmosphere to the formal occasion.

Lieutenant Fred Ide of the Grenadier Guards’ 1st Battalion, based in Aldershot, was our guest of honour and he remembered Lance Corporal James Ashworth, who was killed in 2013. He fought for his friends, put others first and he refused to give up. Lt. Fred spoke to the school community about the significance of remembering those soldiers who have died in battle and how we should, as British citizens, aspire to the values of the British soldier: Loyalty, Integrity and Courage.

With deep reverence, Nicholas, in Year 6, beautifully and skillfully played Elgar’s ‘Nimrod’ on his violin. He has been diligently preparing this piece for the past 4 months.

MVI_5765 from Holme Grange School on Vimeo.

Our very own Mr Ransome played ‘The Last Post’ and ‘Reveille’ during the ceremony, while Raoul lowered and then raised the flag. The Year 8 Ambassadors planted the poppies while Our Heads of School, Luke and Gemma, read prayers.


Chris and Holly is Year 8 respectively recited ‘Why do I wear a Poppy’ and ‘In Flanders Field’. Afterwards, Lt. Fred met with our cadets Joseph, Emma and Nnabuzo. The Reception class showed Lt. Fred the poppies that they had made earlier on in the week.

Just before leaving, Lt. Fred popped into 4E to say hello and with much enthusiastic delight, the children peppered him with questions about his life and various aspects of the army. It was wonderful to share in their excitement and interest. Certainly through many of the children’s computer games, they were fairly knowledgeable about the ‘art’ of warfare.

The Grenadier Guards is an infantry regiment of the British Army. It is the most senior regiment of the Guards Division and, as such, is the most senior regiment of infantry. The Grenadier Guards has one of the finest longstanding reputations as a tough fighting force. There is a proud history of service to the Sovereign in times of war and peace – be it on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan or guarding the royal palaces. No matter who you are, or where you are from, the deal is this: “Once a Grenadier…always a Grenadier”.


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