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Walks and Cakes for OLN

We are the difference that can make a difference!

Our Lady of Nazareth School in Kenya provides primary school age education to approximately 2500 boys and girls, between the ages of 5-13 years old, living in the Mukuru slums. Primary work is centred on the educational needs in the primary sector, preparing the children for a possible sponsored place in an affordable secondary school. This is where Holme Grange School provides important assistance.

We at Holme Grange realise that education is not just filling up a bucket with water, but ratherĀ education isĀ the lighting of a fire from a mere spark (William Butler Yeats, 1865-1939, an Irish poet and politician.)

Through the valued fundraising of money on Wednesday 18 October 2017 from the annual Big Walk and the House Cake Sale afterwards, we are able to contribute meaningfully towards the collective and continued education of the children who attend Our Lady of Nazareth School.

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